Live your story with Terra Aventura

High-tech treasure hunt with Tèrra Aventura! You can't escape the phenomenon!

Tèrra Aventura is inspired by a worldwide game called geocaching. It is a treasure hunt that is played outdoors with a smartphone and the “terra aventura” application.

A box, called a “cache”, is hidden in the countryside. The aim? To discover the location of the cache, and the treasure it contains! Inside, no jewels, no gold coins, but Poï’z! small characters in the form of badges to collect, because yes, many other routes are waiting for you in New Aquitaine.

So go on an adventure and enjoy the hunt!

Terra Aventura in La Rochefoucauld Porte du Périgord

On each of the 4 Terra Aventura courses, embark on a captivating story, full of twists and turns where the Poï’z with their strong characters are the actors. Great adventures ahead! Children and adults alike will want more!
Moulins-sur-Tardoire (Vilhonneur): “Poi’z on the bloc’ ” / theme know-how (poï’z Zouti) / 4 km course
La Rochefoucauld-en-Angoumois : ” Zabeth dans les couloirs du temps ” / theme history and monuments (poï’z Zabeth) / 3 km course
Marthon : ” Les chevaliers du Bandiat ” / medieval theme (poï’z Zéroïk) / 3 km route
Eymouthiers, site of Chambon : ” Mère-Nature, en baskets ! ” / sport theme (poï’z Zabdo) / 4 km cours

Parcours La Rochefoucauld Parcours Moulins-sur-Tardoire Parcours Marthon Parcours Eymouthiers

Parcours Terra Aventura