Interactive discovery games

What could be better than a treasure hunt to discover the natural and built heritage of La Rochefoucauld Porte du Périgord as a family! Children and parents together, have fun answering the riddles and discover the area and its treasures at your own pace.

The Braconne forest in challenge mode!

Would you like to have a breath of nature in the forest while having fun? To experience this green adventure, all you have to do is download the “Défi Braconne” application on your phone, go to the Gros Fayant forest house in Rivières, the starting point, and then follow Nadège, your virtual guide! Take up the 12 challenges by following the trail of the trees and the inhabitants of the forest over a 4 kilometre route. A refreshing and rewarding adventure!

Adventure with Terra Aventura geocaching

Your children will love it and become real adventurers! Playing with Terra Aventura means walking, watching, discovering, thinking and having fun! Tèrra Aventura is inspired by a worldwide game called geocaching. It is a treasure hunt that is played with a telephone and the “terra aventura” application. A box, called a “cache”, is hidden in the countryside. The aim? Discover the location of the cache, and the treasure it contains! Inside, there are no jewels or gold coins, but Poï’z! small characters in the form of badges to collect.

4 Terra Aventura courses, 4 captivating stories, full of twists and turns where the Poï’z with their strong characters are the actors. Great adventures ahead!

  • Moulins-sur-Tardoire (Vilhonneur) : « Poi’z on the bloc’ » / theme know-how (poï’z Zouti) / 4 km course
  • La Rochefoucauld-en-Angoumois : « Zabeth dans les couloirs du temps » / theme history and monuments (poï’z Zabeth) / 3 km course
  • Marthon : « Les chevaliers du Bandiat » / medieval theme (poï’z Zéroïk) / 3 km course
  • Eymouthiers, site du Chambon : « Mère-Nature, en baskets ! » / sport theme (poï’z Zabdo) / 4 km course